30 September 2009

The Emergence of Thoth

The drive home was tragic, to the movies I was supposed to journey with my angel, Italian Film Festival was the call but alas the traffic was impenetrable, me in my funky blue station wagon that was once Master Rons was not to travel to the extravaganza on this fine warm evening, sadness ensued and beers were stopped for at the local drive through.  However unexpected excitement awaited me. The arrival of two of Leslie Dittos paintings brought much joy and a very pleasant surprise. Yuki the kind little furry beast was happy with his very big bowl of food and cool water that I presented to his majesty, and the wind, how warm and pleasant continuing on well into the evening allowing me a large air vent that could be opened without icicles on the nose ridding myself of the smoke haze that seems to envelope my every move! Several beers later and much tobacco and Thoth begins to emerge from the darkness much like his arrival many thousands of years previous. I hit a nasty little snag a few days ago with this painting, failure seemed inevitable and it was put on the back blocks only to be followed with more failure. ADi being one who seems to fear torment persisted, a glaze here and a glaze there, remove the clouds in the background and that silly 12 apostle landscape, I have not even been there, more fire and brimstone I chanted, more magick with a 'K', the background was complete (sort off anyways). Silence was all around and that sweet loss of surroundings took control, I fell yet again and the tentacles of time started to untangle, the suckers let go. Thoth is emerging, at an ever so slow pace but no one in their right mind would rush such a being of light. The thrice great cannot be captured with my simple little hair sticks and colour but goodness - I will try. 

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