31 March 2011

Blackbook - ADi

 A few quick sketches from one of my blackbooks.

30 March 2011

KOZO Lamps

Upon researching headphone images for a series of paintings I am about to start, miraculously I came across these crazy sick lamps, this is sick balls for sure!

If i wasn't such a poor artist I would bag one of these babies for sure...


Wikileaks Confetti

Oh Yeah great confetti and the site is rockin too! Check it out at:

29 March 2011

Totoro Forest Project

This has been around for a while but it has some really nice artwork online that is worth checking out:

specially for fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli Studios.

The Fantastical Flowering Tail of Notomys Fuscus

A little section of a new piece I am working on, it is a rare "Dusky Hopping Mouse" found in central Australia. You will have to excuse the quality of the pic, I took it late last night in the studio on a crappy iPhone!

25 March 2011

Fat Man Lamps

Found these very cool lighting systems today, just had to post them: http://www.katzhq.com this site has some great stuff, like batman mirrors, classy parisian apartments...

Wallpaper Design

A nice wallpaper to welcome the coming age of robots, all kids bedrooms should be fitted with wallpaper such as this to allow swift acceptance of the new race of metallic shiny beings that will do everything you could ever wish for in this material realm, all those things you could do yourself but are simply too lazy too...

23 March 2011


A portrait of NAGA, a striking individual that I met on recent travels, I was so taken by this beings mesmerising looks that I managed to convince him/her (these beings are neither male or female) to sit for this portrait.

I have organised the same with a Gray, this will commence shortly so prepare yourself for a lovely little character to appear on this blog shiny and bright with gigantic eyes.

21 March 2011

Drew Funk - Black Linings - No Vacancy Gallery

Black Linings - Drew Funk... This Thursday opening at No Vacancy QV is Drew Funks - Black Linings, this is a not to be missed show, trust me when I say this as I have seen the whole thing come together in the studio. Drew and I went and got this piece from a collector yesterday as it was the first of the series but was sold quite some time ago, the collector was kind enough to loan it for the show as it marks the transition of Drews work. These larger pieces are really quite something to view as they are large, detailed and complex. The piece pictured here is a fish made up of little dragon fish, crazy shit!

No Vacancy Gallery
Opening Night: Thursday 24th March 2011
Exhibition Running: 1st April  – 3rd March 2011

Blender Studio

My new home at Blender Studios, Joseph Flynn moved on to Paradise Hills Studios so I got his old space, much more roomy and homely...

Concerning the Dasyurus Viverrinus

This is another piece I just finished as part of the new series I am working on, this piece is 30 x 30cm.

Sigil Of Iola - Oil on canvas 90cm x 105cm

Finally after 2 months The Sigil of Iola is completed. 
This is a sigil of creation, eternal and ancient.