23 July 2010

The Contemplation of Horus - Beautiful Strange

The Contemplation of Horus, this piece is 20" x 30" unframed, the detail in these pieces is something that needs to be seen to be believed!

Beautiful Strange Opening 6th August 2010

A preview for Beautiful Strange, this is one of the pieces for the upcoming show opening 6th August 2010.

04 July 2010

Union Lane Project 2010

Finished! Unfortunately I could not get a clean front on shot of the piece, it is quite tall and the lane is fairly narrow.

Blender Studio

Blender Studio. ADi's new home, the coolest place in Melbourne for an artist...
Look closely, this is one of the few chances to preview work for the new show "Beautiful Strange" I will be keeping the works under wraps until the opening.