09 August 2010

08 August 2010

New Works - At Large Gallery - Beautiful Strange

One of the 8 pieces in the show, wanna see more go to it - Show ends 19th August so be quick!

23 July 2010

The Contemplation of Horus - Beautiful Strange

The Contemplation of Horus, this piece is 20" x 30" unframed, the detail in these pieces is something that needs to be seen to be believed!

Beautiful Strange Opening 6th August 2010

A preview for Beautiful Strange, this is one of the pieces for the upcoming show opening 6th August 2010.

04 July 2010

Union Lane Project 2010

Finished! Unfortunately I could not get a clean front on shot of the piece, it is quite tall and the lane is fairly narrow.

Blender Studio

Blender Studio. ADi's new home, the coolest place in Melbourne for an artist...
Look closely, this is one of the few chances to preview work for the new show "Beautiful Strange" I will be keeping the works under wraps until the opening.

25 April 2010

Tears Of Yesterdays Rose

And here it is the final piece completed.
This piece will be featuring in my next show "Beautiful Strange" which will be held at the At Large Gallery situated in Northcote opening 6th August 2010, check my website under news for show details.

10 April 2010

Tears Of Yesterdays Rose

The piece is coming along nicely now and really gaining momentum, I would suspect it would be up to approximately 30+ hours of work so far. The piece is on BFK Rives 280gsm and is 30" x 22.5", so quite a large scale illustration for the complexity. There will be two of this size and the study is completed for the second which will be just as amazing.

Tears Of Yesterdays Rose


03 April 2010

Man In Landscape

A mechanical dude wearing a crown wandering the ugly denuded Australian landscape under a stormy sky.

Atomic Probe

A new piece which has been submitted for the Power In Numbers show at Gallery Nucleus in California.

Howls Moving Psychomanteum

This is an acrylic piece on artboard I have submitted for a show in the US, a tribute to Studio Ghibli. It is a representation of Howls Moving Castle except this is a Moving Psycomanteum, futuristic style.

31 March 2010

Rainbow from the studio window

Tears of Yesterdays Rose

Bit of a close up to show the detail in this piece.

Tears of Yesterdays Rose

And so it was that the wonderful flower began to grow, and grow and grow...

25 March 2010

Tears Of Yesterdays Rose

The egg as a nest,
A fortune it holds,
The death of a rose,
And nobody knows.

Tears fall upon a ground,
Wanting only of their nourishment,
The ground will swell with joy,
Knowing in death all is well.

Another realisation has come to me upon working on the initial study for this piece regarding the universe, these matters are always difficult to convey with words but I will try.

I envisioned death in absolute clarity, through this is a path of true beauty and light is attained, for our longing of love and loss is the deep emotion we possess that connects us with spirit which is god. Without this hurt we are non existent as a soul. This is the connection we have from before the fall, with purity. From this can be deciphered another language, that of the soul, for we talk in words that can never express our truth and holiness yet the feeling a glance from an individual we do not know can portray and connect like no words can, whether good or bad. These feelings take hold in a deeper, different place. I think this may be the sacred vibration.  This being the case we are constantly in touch with this language yet we do not acknowledge it enough. These moments seem to only be grasped when we least expect it, kind of a self meditative state we naturally fall into, whether knowingly or unknowingly. This I foresee is the language of the new age, the age of aquarius.

13 February 2010

Zodiac Series

Scorpio with the sting, these were part of a series of 12 paintings of the Zodiac for the Intergalactic Alchemy exhibition. They turned out real nice with a real alien feel to them. All done with spray enamel as a base touched up with acrylic fluorescents by brush full of energy and vitality just like the universe that created them.

Zodiac Series


Zodiac Series



A little outline I threw together in Illustrator a couple of years ago, gonna put this up on a wall one day, it is nice and designey with the little cat and all!

Key Panel

Here is a ripper from the past, circa 85 or 86, panels by Key, Dime & Anton (in order from left to right), done early morning Mothers Day by some of the old Elwood crew. Sandy was the yard and they only ran once to the buffing yards. This was the norm back in the good old days and many a fine panel was never seen. I will endeavor to add a few old school pieces that will bring back fond memories for the real old school dudes getting around back in the day when you could spend all night in a yard.

21 January 2010

The Opal Prince Who Wears the Half Moon On His Face

Yet another piece for the show next week framed.
This piece is a part of a set of three all in the same frames and of the same godly theme.

07 January 2010

The Fundamental Costume!

This is a study I did from an old sketch, I thought it looked nice so I am putting it in the upcoming show!