18 December 2011

Rabbit #5 - ADi

One of the Rabbit series panels framed, this one being a Hare though. Had the last two panels framed and they came out real nice...

29cm x 14cm
Acrylic on Panel

New work by ADi - Alien Grey

Congratulations Mr Masa Sato, you are the new owner of this fine Alien Grey, this specimen was sited on the Nullabor at approximately 9:47pm, on the 17th of September 2008.

Panel 12cm x 14cm
Oil on Panel

25 November 2011

Dalek - SciFi show Art Boy Gallery

New oil painting titled: Dalek, this is for the Art Boy Gallery Sci Fi show opening this Friday 25th November @ 6pm.
The painting is 30.5cm x 30.5cm

For sales enquiries contact
Artboy Gallery
99 Greville Street Prahran Vic Australia

17 October 2011

Speak No Evil - New Work by ADi 2011

Titled "Speak No Evil", this piece is part of a triptych I am working on for next years solo show.30.5cm x 30.5cm, oil on canvas.

For sales enquiries contact Stephen Nall:

FaceLook Portrait Show - Dark Horse Experiment

Opening on Thursday 13 September at 6pm will be "FaceLook" a group portrait show.

My piece titled "The Mystic" (above) is a portrait of Rudolf Steiner, I think the title says it all.
The piece measures 30.5cm x 30.5cm and is oil on canvas.

Details are as follows:

110 Franklin Street Melbourne
for sales enquiries contact Stephen Nall:

04 July 2011

Gallery Nucleus - Harry Potter Tribute Show opens 9 July 2011

Just a reminder the Harry Potter Tribute Show is opening this weekend in Los Angeles, This will be an amazing show including a calibre of artists such as Mary Granpre the official Harry Potter illustrator. It opens 9 July and will run until 1 August 2011. If your lucky enough to be in LA cherck it out as it will have over 100 pieces by more than 50 different artists including myself. 
My work is titled "Phoenix" (left) The details are as follows:

Graphite on RIVES BFK 280gsm
22" x 30" (drawing only)


For sales enquiries contact Ben: www.gallerynucleus.com

23 May 2011

The Art of Thor - Gallery Nucleus

A signed copy of the Art of Thor is available from Gallery Nucleus who are hosting a special show with some of the artists who worked on the film, you can reserve a signed copy here:

"Steel" Artboy Gallery

This is a piece which will be for sale in the upcoming show Fanboy V's Artboy, titled "Steel".
Acrylic on Linen
36" x 48"
The show opens on Friday 10th June 2011
 6 -9pm and will run through till June 13th

For sales enquiries contact
Artboy Gallery
99 Greville Street Prahran Vic Australia

11 May 2011

Harry Potter Tribute Show 2011 - Gallery Nucleus

I was lucky enough to be asked to show in an upcoming Harry Potter Tribute exhibition over in California at Gallery Nucleus. The result was this piece, being that of a Phoenix and so titled.

The details are as follows;
Graphite on RIVES BFK 280gsm
22" x 30" in size unframed

For sales enquiries contact; www.gallerynucleus.com

10 May 2011

Désolé - New Work by ADi

A new oil painting on canvas, this will be going into the 2011 Brunswick Street Art Prize for small works, I think...

A statement from an ancient sufi tale that speaks words for this piece and goes something like this; Love is like the last 30lb bale,  when you load it on the boat the whole thing tips over.

05 May 2011

Rabbit #3

A small series of rabbits on board I did.

18 April 2011

Blood Dumpster Issue #1 - Thicker Than Blood

I was lucky enough to be featured in Blood Dumpsters Thicker Than Blood Issue #1, this zine debuted at the MoCCA Fest in NYC.
Big thanks to Nate Bear and the team at Blood Dumpster, the zine looks great and is a really nice collective of work, and cool design job by Laura Galbraith.

You can get your copy at:

08 April 2011

Sri Chinmoy & David Lynch

You gotta admire the ethics and morals these two dudes stand by. I did some workshops in St Kilda a couple of years ago organised by the Sri Chinmoy Organisation: http://www.srichinmoy.org/
They were free meditation classes held by practising members of the org. It was really wonderful and I recommend to everybody out there to give yourself a chance to experience who you truly are through practices such as meditation.

For those of you interested David Lynch also has grand ideas on conscious based education for children, among other things, it is a shame that his ideals are not envisioned by our own education system. Check it out: http://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/

06 April 2011

Easter Bunny

I have this overwhelming fascination with rabbits, they are just so irresistable! So when I came across this it was like how crazy!!! Just in time for Easter, and yes it is made from rabbit pooh...

04 April 2011

The Fantastical Flowering Tail of Notomys Fuscus

Another painting finished in oil, again this is 30cm x 30cm. Looks fluffy! Again forgive my images, I have a crap Pentax camera and the lighting in the studio is far from good as I mainly work late into the night so all my pics are very average. But it does look fluffy!!

31 March 2011

Blackbook - ADi

 A few quick sketches from one of my blackbooks.

30 March 2011

KOZO Lamps

Upon researching headphone images for a series of paintings I am about to start, miraculously I came across these crazy sick lamps, this is sick balls for sure!

If i wasn't such a poor artist I would bag one of these babies for sure...


Wikileaks Confetti

Oh Yeah great confetti and the site is rockin too! Check it out at:

29 March 2011

Totoro Forest Project

This has been around for a while but it has some really nice artwork online that is worth checking out:

specially for fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli Studios.

The Fantastical Flowering Tail of Notomys Fuscus

A little section of a new piece I am working on, it is a rare "Dusky Hopping Mouse" found in central Australia. You will have to excuse the quality of the pic, I took it late last night in the studio on a crappy iPhone!

25 March 2011

Fat Man Lamps

Found these very cool lighting systems today, just had to post them: http://www.katzhq.com this site has some great stuff, like batman mirrors, classy parisian apartments...

Wallpaper Design

A nice wallpaper to welcome the coming age of robots, all kids bedrooms should be fitted with wallpaper such as this to allow swift acceptance of the new race of metallic shiny beings that will do everything you could ever wish for in this material realm, all those things you could do yourself but are simply too lazy too...

23 March 2011


A portrait of NAGA, a striking individual that I met on recent travels, I was so taken by this beings mesmerising looks that I managed to convince him/her (these beings are neither male or female) to sit for this portrait.

I have organised the same with a Gray, this will commence shortly so prepare yourself for a lovely little character to appear on this blog shiny and bright with gigantic eyes.

21 March 2011

Drew Funk - Black Linings - No Vacancy Gallery

Black Linings - Drew Funk... This Thursday opening at No Vacancy QV is Drew Funks - Black Linings, this is a not to be missed show, trust me when I say this as I have seen the whole thing come together in the studio. Drew and I went and got this piece from a collector yesterday as it was the first of the series but was sold quite some time ago, the collector was kind enough to loan it for the show as it marks the transition of Drews work. These larger pieces are really quite something to view as they are large, detailed and complex. The piece pictured here is a fish made up of little dragon fish, crazy shit!

No Vacancy Gallery
Opening Night: Thursday 24th March 2011
Exhibition Running: 1st April  – 3rd March 2011

Blender Studio

My new home at Blender Studios, Joseph Flynn moved on to Paradise Hills Studios so I got his old space, much more roomy and homely...

Concerning the Dasyurus Viverrinus

This is another piece I just finished as part of the new series I am working on, this piece is 30 x 30cm.

Sigil Of Iola - Oil on canvas 90cm x 105cm

Finally after 2 months The Sigil of Iola is completed. 
This is a sigil of creation, eternal and ancient.