25 April 2010

Tears Of Yesterdays Rose

And here it is the final piece completed.
This piece will be featuring in my next show "Beautiful Strange" which will be held at the At Large Gallery situated in Northcote opening 6th August 2010, check my website under news for show details.

10 April 2010

Tears Of Yesterdays Rose

The piece is coming along nicely now and really gaining momentum, I would suspect it would be up to approximately 30+ hours of work so far. The piece is on BFK Rives 280gsm and is 30" x 22.5", so quite a large scale illustration for the complexity. There will be two of this size and the study is completed for the second which will be just as amazing.

Tears Of Yesterdays Rose


03 April 2010

Man In Landscape

A mechanical dude wearing a crown wandering the ugly denuded Australian landscape under a stormy sky.

Atomic Probe

A new piece which has been submitted for the Power In Numbers show at Gallery Nucleus in California.

Howls Moving Psychomanteum

This is an acrylic piece on artboard I have submitted for a show in the US, a tribute to Studio Ghibli. It is a representation of Howls Moving Castle except this is a Moving Psycomanteum, futuristic style.