21 August 2015

Marsupial Astronomical Star Chart - ACDC Lane

New wallpaper design applied to this lovely doorway in ACDC Lane/Duckboard Lane - prior to this I had a complete door "Imagination Outside of Capitalism" which was removed to make way for this spectacular glass door. Here is a google maps link to the old piece.


20 August 2015

'Misanthrope' - Port Jackson Press Gallery 14th - 30th August

'Misanthrope' - Shrine Door 1 & 2

Below is a brief run down on my new show at Port Jackson Press Print Gallery, it features my street/installation paste up/ephemera work based around my totems commonly seen through out the Melbourne CBD and other out of the way places and suburbs. 
The work has been created with a detritus theme that gives the work an appearance of something ancient and shrine like a beautiful juxtaposition with the detritus and waste often found in a great deal of the works. We will be having a Meet The Artist session this Saturday the 22nd from 2-4pm so feel free to drop in and have a look around, it is a great show and also features LazerFish and Shane Sterry, with some fab window installations to accompany the body of work. Hope to see you on Saturday. The show runs till 30th August and Port Jackson opening hours can be found here.

Totem Language
The contempt the human race holds for nature is evident in the failing landscapes around us. 

With the loss of the ancient totem system in Australia, which once brought specialised management by individuals and groups who acted more like stewards.

This management did not necessarily transform the landscape so to speak. Instead it would re-energise and disperse elements abundantly necessary to enable a particular totem to flourish.

As this was enacted on a country wide scale this in turn encouraged bio-diversity and the symbiotic relationship required to manage the fragile Australian landscape, responsibly and very effectively.

This language has nearly vanished.

29 May 2015

Leadbeaters Possum Shrine #2

Leabeaters Possum Shrine #2 - Paste up - Elizabeth Street Kensington

Leadbeaters Possum Shrine #1

Recent street art installation of Leadbeaters Possum shrine and offering in Munster Street North Melbourne - Paste up with mixed media offerings for the critically endangered Leadbeaters Possum, including, vases, flowers, fruit, candles, faggots, feathers, eucalyptus

19 February 2015

Nickie Goes Hunting - ADi

Just finished and framed this newest commission, mixed media on wood titled "Nickie Goes Hunting", made up of gorgeous old illustrations, fish scale and geometric wallpaper with other self designed elements, prose and of course the great Willliam Temple Hornaday totem!

13 February 2015

The Rapanui Effect - ADi

A new installation I put up in Tattersalls Lane opposite Section 8.
"The Rapanui Effect" consists of paste up and other found objects I have collected along the way, hopefully it lasts a while without people pulling it apart...

Little Drummer Rabbit - Supergraph

As part of each years Supergraph, Jacqui down at Signed and Numbered get artists to do a 50/50 edition of something new, this year I have editioned a series of an oil painting "Little Drummer Rabbit". These prints go for $50 each and can be sourced either at Supergraph this weekend or form Signed & Numbered.