12 December 2013

Poetry by Infinity

Infinity collaborated with me during the "William Temple Hornaday" installation at Hosier Lane a couple of weeks back, here is a link to some of her poetry which is truly beautiful:

04 December 2013

Hosier Lane 2013 - ADi - William Temple Hornaday Totem

Hosier Lane 2013

A close up of a section of my Hosier Lane installation/paste up based on William Temple Hornaday who was a taxidermist and one of the worlds first hardcore environmentalists and protector of bison...
Thanks to "Infinity" for all her amazing poetry relating to nature which is found in the tiled wallpaper behind the work.

There is a great podcast that talks a little about this dude and also about a book "Wild Ones" which has an interesting point of view for these modern times: http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/wild-ones-live/

Below is Shane Sterrys (seaman pinata) paste up which is crazy good!

13 September 2013

ADi - Interior Design Project 2013

Conceptual sketches for an interior design project 2013.

03 September 2013

New Stockist - Lord Coconut

Lord Coconut is now stocking some of my original works (oil paintings) which seem perfect taking into consideration the shop aesthetic.
The store is resplendent in ye old world victorian appeal,  amazing mens jewellery and other oddities, a must see.

Lord Coconut is found here:
Level 4 Carlow House
289 Flinders Lane Melbourne Vic

27 August 2013

A History of Angels as Told by Archangel Gabriel

This is a book cover design I did for Rodford Belchers first publication "A History of Angels as Told by Archangel Gabriel", the book can be purchased from the following link: http://rodfordbelcher.com/history_angels.html

26 August 2013

Ancient Alien Wallpaper Design

Ancient Alien wallpaper design - an element of this was published in a limited edition "Silent Army" journal dedicated to HaHa, "Horrah Ha Ha" in late 2012.


23 July 2013

2200 Group Exhibition Abbotsford Convent - ADi

2200 Group Exhibition
Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford

Opening Night:
Wednesday 31st August: 5pm - 8pm

Guest speakers include Adam Bandt MP & Cr Trent McCarthy

Exhibition will run July 31st - August 4th (4 days only)
80% of profits will go towards the purchase of solar panels for the Convent

Above image: Thylacine Cynocephalus, Oil on Panel Framed 145mm x 355mm

25 June 2013

"Oneness" New ADi limited edition print - Signed & Numbered

Burrowing into "Oneness" will be available from Signed & Numbered as a limited edition print. 
Dimensions are 700mm x 700mm, signed and numbered by the artist, this print also has an elegant design around the body of the print and is printed on Enviro Friendly 290gsm Bamboo/Cotton Rag. Looks really beautiful, as it should. 
Available from 4th July 2013.

21 June 2013

ONE exhibition - Just Another Project Space - ADi

My piece for the "ONE" show:
600mm x 600mm
oil on canvas

 Opens 4 July 2013
153 Greville Street 6-9pm

A limited edition print run of 50 will also be available from Signed & Numbered of my piece "Oneness"

Print Details:
700mm x 700mm
290gsm Hahanemuhle Bamboo
(Enviro friendly cotton rag)
$220.00 ea

Just Another Project Space "ONE" Exhibition

05 June 2013

Greater Bilby macrotis lagotis 
this piece is titled "Ascension"
Oil on wood panel
155mm x 295mm
This is a preview of one of new pieces for upcoming shows at both Abbotsford Convent "2200" which is helping to raise money for the convent to get  them off the grid and also "Just Another Agencies" 1st Birthday Show at Signed and Numbered in Prahran.

This piece is a small oil painting of the extinct Pig Footed Bandicoot.

Details for these shows are in the news sections of my website.

Both these shows will be well  worth checking out with a great line-up of artists.

02 May 2013

Another oil painting of a Common Wombat, Study #2 (vombatus ursinus) this is upscaled from the initial study which was quite small, study #2 is approximately 25cm x 30cm. These amazingly bear like beasts are such a pleasure to paint, there is something uniformly humbling to these wonders.

This will eventually be upscaled to quite a dramatic size when the magick occurs I shall post it.

19 April 2013

New Prints by ADi - Koala Rising from the Light

New print by ADi now available, here are the details:

Koala Rising from the Light
Limited signed & numbered edition of 25 only
360mm x 360mm
UV Huhnemuhle Photo Rag 188gsm
$90.00 each

contact ADi for your copy adi@adiart.com.au

18 April 2013

This is a drawing I did many years ago now while inspired on a lone trip I did through Europe. I went with the intention of visiting Giger's museum and was most amazed by the Chateau De Gruyeres in the foothills of the Alps, this castle is quite a mystery and is in the midst of the fabled land of fairies. This is a place anyone with an interest in the mysteries must pay a visit. The walls of the Chateau De Gruyeres have two of the most amazing bronze sculptures by none other than Patrick Woodroffe, depicting love and pain. The old town itself is encapsulated by old castle walls and has the typical cobble stone street and fountains, so common in old european villages and towns. I was lucky enough the be there in winter which was an added bonus with the ground covered in white, this place truly is magick...
Exhibition details for Mail Me Art 2013

The Framers Gallery
36 Windmill Street London W1T 2JT
30 July - 3 August 2013
10am - 5:30pm

And here is an online preview link:
Mail Me Art 

Left is my Mail Me Art - "The Great Wave"

Limited edition will be made available shortly, I will post these details once I know the UK gallery suppliers.

19 March 2013

Mail Me Art 2013

Mail Me Art 2013 - I was one of the very lucky artists from around the world selected for the 2013 Mail Me Art.
The show can be seen via this link: MailMeArtthe exhibition is in London but may be touring to different countries, details on the website though, the book can be purchased from the link above also. Enjoy!