18 April 2011

Blood Dumpster Issue #1 - Thicker Than Blood

I was lucky enough to be featured in Blood Dumpsters Thicker Than Blood Issue #1, this zine debuted at the MoCCA Fest in NYC.
Big thanks to Nate Bear and the team at Blood Dumpster, the zine looks great and is a really nice collective of work, and cool design job by Laura Galbraith.

You can get your copy at:

08 April 2011

Sri Chinmoy & David Lynch

You gotta admire the ethics and morals these two dudes stand by. I did some workshops in St Kilda a couple of years ago organised by the Sri Chinmoy Organisation: http://www.srichinmoy.org/
They were free meditation classes held by practising members of the org. It was really wonderful and I recommend to everybody out there to give yourself a chance to experience who you truly are through practices such as meditation.

For those of you interested David Lynch also has grand ideas on conscious based education for children, among other things, it is a shame that his ideals are not envisioned by our own education system. Check it out: http://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/

06 April 2011

Easter Bunny

I have this overwhelming fascination with rabbits, they are just so irresistable! So when I came across this it was like how crazy!!! Just in time for Easter, and yes it is made from rabbit pooh...

04 April 2011

The Fantastical Flowering Tail of Notomys Fuscus

Another painting finished in oil, again this is 30cm x 30cm. Looks fluffy! Again forgive my images, I have a crap Pentax camera and the lighting in the studio is far from good as I mainly work late into the night so all my pics are very average. But it does look fluffy!!