16 July 2014

Its A Plastic World - Vimeo

Link to an animation here which beautifully illustrates truths a lot of us do not wish to acknowledge or deal with...

Brad Mills 2014

William Temple Hornaday totems turning up everywhere...

09 July 2014

Imagination Outside of Capitalism - Duckboard Lane

Duckboard Lane doorway - here displaying yet another William Temple Hornaday tribute with animal mandala I recently designed. This will appear in more works on the street in varying designs with differing prose.

Magic Totems - ADi

Here is another Magic Totem paste up I did in Duckboard Lane - Melbourne. These paste up are pre-fabricated for little niches, (if thats a word!) alcoves and doorways around the city, I have been putting up quite a lot but some building are cleaning them off within 12 hours of them going up. It appears the no tolerance system has been put in place in Melbourne too, David Gunn would be so proud... Speaking of David Gunn, %99 Invisible had a great podcast "Clean Trains"on the New York city subway graf scene back in the 80's and how they have literally brought it to a stand still, , well worth listening too.